This is intended to be a planning page for the 2010 OSU Educational Technology/Library Media Summer Retreat. Please add your topic ideas here!!!

NEW professional library titles here in the CML

I think one of the issues to discuss / brainstorm would be ways in which to get a district to provide the librarian with more "power" to access technology for instruction. In order to this, it would require bringing the Technology Directors and Administrators to the table to discuss what is being taught by librarians and why the content is necessary for today's student.

I want to know what all the other HS/MS students are reading.

Sharing what does-and-doesn't work in real life, networking -- it would be great. I would love the opportunity to discuss how we teach 21st Century Literacy in the face of not only non-existent monetary resources, but also districts who absolutely positively will not be swayed to make the system more open. (I know, it's an old story!)

I love the idea of looking at Facebook, Twitter, etc. Both the access issues (a huge problems--we can't exactly be early adopters if the district has something blocked until it's obsolete) and how one can productively put them to use.

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