Welcome to the Simply Curious Wiki. The name? That's me. Simply curious. I was a curious child, always wanting to know the "why" of everything, and I find that now, in middle age, I am still a curious child, and simple curiosity is what I find feeding my intellectual and spiritual growth. I never will claim to know a great deal of "stuff," but I hope that curiosity continues to fuel what I do and who I am always. -Susan Stansberry
I'm simply curious about teaching with technology - check out the "Teaching with Technology" ePortfolios from K12 teachers in my Advanced Computer Applications in Education class

I'm simply curious about all great sites on the WWW (link to my del.icio.us site and link to our program's collection of links by students)

I'm simply curious about how professional organizations (AECT, ISTE, AASL) function to serve constituents, particularly in the area of standards development (see AASL's Standards for the 21st Century Learner, NETS-S, NETS-T, Technology Facilitator, Technology Leader, and NETS-A)

What things do you wonder about? Check out Wonderopolis:

This project I love:

And, I'm just a little curious as to what goes through
Jack Handey's head! Ha!


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