EDTC 4113 Applications of Media and Technology


Course Standards

Pre/Post Assessment - week 1

Fluency with Information Technology (FITness - computer technology, troubleshooting, file mgmt, purchasing) weeks 1&2

Productivity Tools (Office) week 3

Networking (basic networking, cloud computing, AUP, P2P) week 4

Web 2.0 & Professional Learning Communities (includes wiki, voicethread, other 2.0) weeks 5-6

Information Fluency - (search strategies) week 7

Web Forensics and Security - (IP lookup, Taylor's stuff) week 8

Multimedia (includes Glogster & Animoto, Picnik, Video production, audio production) weeks 9-11

Web Development (wix, google sites, graphics?, site evaluation - Wayback) weeks 12-13

Technology Futures (students presentations) weeks 14

Creativity & Innovation (problem/challenge assignment) week 15

Post-Assessment week 16

NOTE: the "weeks" are loosely suggested. We'll lose one for spring break.