To increase student interaction with the text, you can have each individual student responsible for a part of the text. They will be required to create either a SMART Board activity or classroom response activity (clickers or and present at the beginning of the class period.

SMART Board Activities

EDTC 3123 Applications of Educational Technology

Very Important General Resources:
NET-S Implementation Wikispace
Each field has its own goals for teaching with technology. These are great things to share with your students!
National Association for Sport and Physical Education:
National Science Teachers' Association:
National Council for Teachers of English:
National Council for Teachers of Mathematics:
National Council for the Social Studies:

Course resources and planning arranged in order of weekly modules:

Week 1: Defining Educational Technology

Week 2: Lesson Planning

Week 3: Computer Basics

Week 4: Ethics in Educational Technology

Week 5: Assessment and Technology (Livetext and/or Wikispaces)

Week 6: Educational Uses of Powerpoint

Week 7: Images and Animation

Week 8: Office Productivity (Lesson Plan 1 due - PPT, Glog, or Animoto)

Week 9: Concept Mapping

Week 10: WWW Search Strategies (Lesson Plan 2 due - concept map or office productivity)

Week 11: Distance Education

Week 12-13: Webquests (Lesson Plan 3)
Webquest Rubric

Week 14-15: Video Production

Week 16: Finals Week

Overall Suggested Course Changes:
1) Assignments that require students to post a link should be handled through the discussion board rather than the dropbox.
2) To encourage students to attend classes, have more in-class activities in which the dropbox closes within an hour of class ending.
3) Excessive absences means missing more than 20% of class sessions.