Collaboration Tools

When you are part of a group, you and others in the group can use a cloud computer to collectively manage and share information. Members can collaborate on projects, share files, and coordinate schedules from anywhere.

BigMarker free online webconferencing (unlimited collaborators) and webinar tool

Boom Writer
Boom Writer provides a "starter chapter" for a story and students continue the story by writing additional chapters. The chapters submitted (anonymously) by students are voted on and the chapters receiving the most votes make it into a book that students, teachers, and parents can choose to have published by Boom Writer.

Canvas Dropr Collaborate visually by sharing images, videos, drawings, etc. in real time

Collaborize Classroom A FREE online learning platform

Copy Taste Allows you to create your own private URL with data you want to share with friends or colleagues (I'm thinking this would eliminate sending huge e-mail attachments!)

CrocoDoc Collaboratively highlight and comment on PDFs, Word documents, images, etc.

Forums Build your own hosted discussion board

An online collaborative, private social space Create your own War Room with file sharing and live video chat

Write collaboratively

Join.Me Free [[#|screen sharing]] and online meeting tool that doesn't require [[#|registration]]

Collaboratively create a mind map in real time
Multimedia collaboration in real time

NoteMesh is a free service that allows college students in the same classes to share notes with each other. It works by creating a wiki for individual classes that users can edit. Users are free to post their own lecture notes or contribute to existing lecture notes. The idea is that users in the same class can collaboratively create a definitive source for lecture notes.

Padlet (formerly WallWisher) An online, multimedia notice builder

Project2Manage An online project management application

Rafiki An online networking tool for use between classrooms worldwide.

SlateBox A collaborative mind-mapping tool with HTML5 and the ability to embed your creation in other web documents

A collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process

Vyew Free for up to 10 collaborators: videoconference, whiteboard, [[#|webinar]] presentation, desktop sharing, drawing/annotation

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