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The Teacher Perspective
Judy – "I know my students need to know how to collaborate and who to do it with" - Do all teacher educators know this and present it to their preservice teachers?
Library Schools now called Information Schools
TIE model (Cleaver and Taylor) – Delia, would you upload your slides here?
Problem – we tell people to do it, but we don’t give them tools to do it with
Phillip Turner’s model Helping Teachers Teach 6 steps
How are you introducing preservice teachers to library media specialists' role (particularly in the undergraduate "teaching with technology" course)?

Kent State – addresses library media in the undergraduate tech course – ILILE grant ( that provided videos of collaboration vignettes for incorporation in teacher ed plus 2 assessment pieces on info lit (Trails and Sails)
What specific things
Rhonda Robinson – 1) integrate LM into ASSURE model lesson plan (selection of materials)
2) have student teachers interview the LMS and how they can work together (they take 1 hour of ed tech online as they student teach and this is an actual assignment)
Cindy – 1) focus on collaboration
2) research process
Judy – example of art education integration – checklist of experiences (museum, concert, etc.) – writes reflection in the portfolio
Idea – doing a collaborative type list while student teaching (maybe “Collaboration Opportunities”)
Rhonda – could the school give a “tour” of this when they go out to do observation
Rhonda – doing short videos on little known/used resources that could be used by preservice teachers
Susan – send out link:
Delia – top-down/bottom-up challenges
How do you collaborate with teachers in an inflexible scheduling scenario?

Posted by Cindy Kovalik: Here is the link to the tutorial on visual literacy that was discussed during the panel session:
Visual Literacy tutorial

And here is a direct link to the TRAILS assessment, developed through the ILILE grant:

Here is a direct link to Project SAILS, developed by Kent State University:
Project SAILS

This is a link to "Transitioning to College," a series of modules to help those new to college better understand the library from a college student perspective:
Transitioning to College

I hope that you get a chance to explore the ILILE web site (link above)--there is a wealth of information available there.

A montage of clips of libraries from movies and tv shows: