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Berkley Career Center

California Career Zone (which, despite its name, is useful for students everywhere) is number six on the list and has three separate sections — Assess Yourself, Explore Industry Sectors, and Reality Check. They are all well-designed and accessible.
Fifth place is held by BioWorksU, a very accessible series of activities focusing on health occupations.
You’ll find two links from Cisco in fourth place. One is Career Capture and the other isPenny’s Search. Both target girls interested in technology careers.
Hot Shot Business from Disney is number three. It’s a great interactive site where students have to start virtual businesses.
Number two is Career One Stop. The primary reason I’m rating this site so high is because of its numerous closed-captioned videos about every occupation imaginable.
And now, for the number one-ranked website for helping students explore jobs and careers…..The Learning Edge. You’ll find eight issues of animated newsletters with text and audio support, and most of it is about jobs and careers.
iCould career stories
What People Don't Get about My Job - different jobs from A to Z
The Future of Work A YouTube video explaining skills for careers today
Spent An online game about earning minimum wage