Copyright Bay: __

  1. What is contained in the site?

Copyright Bay is a website that helps you as a teacher decide if what you are showing your students (Movies or other Visual Media), having your students listen to, copying, etc. is within fair use and copyright laws. It has an easily usable layout to help the teacher find what it is they need without getting confused and frustrated while looking up the information.

  1. How you would use this resource in a classroom?

You could use this website when making your lesson plans to verify that your material is used within the fair use guidelines. It has several areas to look through including: copies both single and multiple copies, visual aids, music/audio material, etc.

You could also use the website as an assignment or information source for your students. The students could use the website as a source for a research paper over Copyright Laws and Fair Use Rights.

  1. How you would assess student learning based on their use of the site?

  1. You could write up questions about Copyright Laws and Fair Use Rights and have a quiz over it.
  2. You could have the students write a paper over the use of Copyright Law and Fair Use; then grade paper.
  3. Have an open forum discussion on how students use music and video and if they are using the media within Fair Use or Copyright Law.