Essay Rater

  1. This website contains a free essay grader/ evaluator. This evaluator checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, original content, sentence structure and paraphrasing. This website’s intended audience could be students and teachers. If a student uses the website before turning in a paper it gives he or she an opportunity to check their spelling and grammar error. Most importantly, using this website gives the student the ability to check their own papers for possible plagiarism or other copy right errors.
  2. As a future teacher I would use this resource to help supplement my evaluation of students’ essays. I wouldn’t just use the website when grading an essay but I would ask my students to show proof that they had turned the essay into the website. I could then ensure that my students had properly cited their papers while also teaching them what to look out for before turning in their papers. I am also going to start using the website now, before turning in my own papers. I had no idea that such a website existed for free.
  3. A way I would assess my class’s learning based on the site would be to ask my students to run their paper through the websites graders. I would have them print off the screen telling them their results, and allow them to fix their paper’s errors. After they have fixed their papers I would have them run their papers through the website again, also printing off the results. Students would turn both results in along with their essay. Over time, my students’ papers should have less and less errors on their first try. At the end of the semester I would compare the students 1st draft paper to their more recent papers, if I saw a significant improvement for that student they would get a participation grade.