Adventures of Cyberbee

  1. What is contained in the site?

The three women who are in charge of this website, they are: Linda Resch, Leni Donlan, and Linda Joseph. They are all involved in education and technology. This website seems to be made to help teachers utilize the internet. The women have deemed it a place were they have curriculum treasures. On this website there are many different resources for teachers, for example information and websites on copyright laws, black history month and also math enhancers. They have curriculum ideas, postcards that can be sent to other people and also a place that people can receive them, research tools, Treasure hunts for the internet to make people more comfortable using the internet, web links for many different areas of curriculum for example: language arts, clip art, encyclopedias, math, music, economics, etc. Also links for technology help. They also have web picks that would be very useful for teachers, for example, government information online: ask a librarian, EIA energy kids page, scholastic news online, etc. They have weather updates, today in history, downloadable stickers and many other cool things. This is an awesome site for teachers.

  1. How you would use this resource in a classroom?

If I have the internet in my classroom I could let the kids do the treasure hunts online so they can learn more about how to navigate the internet.
Also I could use the lesson plans and websites that have the lesson plan information.
For the information websites then I could let the students have a list of the free information websites so they could use these on papers or other projects they might have to do.

  1. How you would assess student learning based on their use of the site?

I would see if they got their scavenger hunts done. Also, on their research papers or projects I would require a resource page and I could look to see if they used the sites. I also could require them to use the websites and see what information they got from the sites.