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EDTC 4113 Applications Media and Technology

Spring 2010


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Prerequisites and Support Courses


Knowledge Bases (including national, state and program standards)
All students in this course will apply knowledge bases consistent with the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) as developed by the International Society for Educational Technology (ISTE) as well as the Internet and Computing Core Certification Standards (IC3).

Brief Course Outline
Introduction to the application of media and technology to formal and informal learning situations. Intended for non-professional education majors

Mode/Style of Teaching

Please see the course website (http://oc.okstate.edu) for course information specific to the section in which you are enrolled.

Fee in Addition to Tuition

Course Content and Schedule

This course consists of ten learning modules:
1. Fluency with Information Technology (weeks 1 & 2)
2. Productivity Tools (week 3)
3. Networking (week 4)
4. Web 2.0 and Professional Learning Communities (weeks 5 & 6)
5. Information Fluency (week 7)
6. Web Forensics and Security (week 8)
7. Multimedia (weeks 9-11)
8. Web Development (weeks 12-13)
9. Technology Futures (week 14)
10. Creativity and Innovation (week 15)

Each module contains assignments to measure student learning of specific skills and knowledge in that module. These are presented in detail on the course website. Online quizzes will also factor into the final grade.

Grading Scale:




Online Course Component Requirements:
Hardware and software requirements:
- A computer connected to the Internet
- A web browser (Make sure and run the System Check available at http://oc.okstate.edu )
- Shockwave/Flash plugin (downloadable free from http://www.adobe.com )
- Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin (downloadable free from http://www.adobe.com )

Students' knowledge of and operation of their own computer is their personal responsibility when taking an online course.

Mindware requirements:
Hardware and software are only 2 tools students need in an online course -- the third thing is a ready mind!
- Are you self-motivated?
- Are you self-disciplined?
- Are you self-directed?
- Are you comfortable enough with computer and internet use to: download plugins; upgrade a browser; search effectively for information; communicate electronically via email, online discussion, and live chat using proper netiqutte; present original information in an electronic format (ex: PowerPoint presentation, website, YouTube, wikis)?

Grading Procedures
Standards: A grading rubric or explanation will be provided for each course assignment. Course work that is acceptable according to the assignment description and assessment rubric will be awarded a grade of "C." Course work that is thorough will be awarded a grade of "B," and course work that is truly exceptional will be awarded a grade of "A." Unacceptable work will be awarded a grade of "D" or "F."

Policy on Attendance
It is assumed and expected that each student is willing to participate fully in all aspects of the course. For the online portion of the course, hardware, software, and mindware requirements are listed above. If an individual student does not have access at home to these required items, he or she will need to discuss with the instructor alternate access points.

Each student will be responsible for participating in class activities and turning in required assignments on time.
Late assignments will automatically be dropped one letter grade, unless prior arrangements were made with the instructor.

Text Materials

Additional course content and activities will be accessed at http://oc.okstate.edu. Additional readings will be placed in the online portion of the course in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

Students Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Academic Integrity
Oklahoma State University is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct of its members. This level of ethical behavior and integrity will be maintained in this course. Participating in a behavior that violates academic integrity (e.g., unauthorized collaboration, plagiarism, multiple submissions, cheating on examinations, fabricating information, helping another person cheat, unauthorized advance access to examinations, altering or destroying the work of others, and fraudulently altering academic records) will result in your being sanctioned. Violations may subject you to disciplinary action including the following: receiving a failing grade on an assignment, examination or course, receiving a notation of a violation of academic integrity on your transcript (F!), and being suspended from the University. You have the right to appeal the charge. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 101 Whitehurst, 405-744-5627, http://academicintegrity.okstate.edu.

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